Sunday, June 2, 2013

House Update #2: Off the wall

We have been stripping the walls this past month and are ready to order wallpaper! I picked up some Marimekko wallpaper for the kitchen that I CANNOT WAIT to put on our nice, clean walls! That will have to come last, though, since we are going to start with the hallways before we work our way to the important walls! Here are a few pics of our progress!

Upstairs halls are stripped

Seisuke took down all the curtain rods so I could tear off the wallpaper

Our bare walls

After removing the light fixtures, we found the original wall paper color.....

The stripped living room

Living room and dining room in the back

Sometimes picking up the wall paper pieces was a task in itself!

This glass was broken when his mom tried to move a couch...Seisuke asked me if this could be a DIY project, too.....

The brown color is the original wall paper and the white color is the unfinished wall color underneath

Sometimes I had to wear shades to avoid dust and pieces of wall falling into my eyes when peeling off the ceiling paper

Seisuke scrubbed this for me about four or five times and now it's finally white

Remember this lovely before pic?

Kitchen in progress....

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