Monday, June 3, 2013

The Making Of: Our Invitations

One of the DIY projects that ended up taking a very long time was our wedding invitations. At first, I was excited to see so many new and beautiful designs available on the internet. But when having a wedding for less than fifty people, and only needing about twenty invitations, it was not reasonable to order invitations that would end up costing over $5 per invite. I think that ordering invitations is better for larger weddings, where you would order like a hundred or more, because then the cost per invite goes down drastically.

SO, we decided to create our own! Sounds easy, right? Seisuke is a graphic designer and I like drawing, so what a perfect combination for making invitations! But it ended up taking a long time because there were just so many ideas to choose from and different paper/printing options that it was really hard to choose! Well, we ended up coming up with something that was our style but also affordable to make.

First I found a design that I liked on an invitation website and I was almost going to just order them and be done with it, but after realizing that we could totally do it ourselves, I sent the design to Seisuke and had him find me all the fonts to match. I love chevron so this seemed perfect; but instead of gold foil printing, we opted for a pink ombre pattern.

Paper Source Wedding Invitation

Our design

I wanted to include some kind of illustration like I found on these Rifle Paper Co. invitations, but this kind of work is all done on Photoshop or Illustrator and I do not have the skills or time to “draw” a graphic design….so we created something that represented “us.”
rifle paper co custom invitations

beautifully illustrated invitations by rifle paper co
Initial drawings
I originally wanted to include Japanese symbolism in the design
I played around with different motifs and thought about making Seisuke's last name into a monogram-type emblem
Some other initial drawings

Our end drawing
Choosing the right "skin" color was fun and challenging
The two "skin" colors I had did not seem to match, so I ended up shopping for new Copics in Namba

Testing out dozens of "skin" color Copic markers....
 We made a 3-D puzzle, similar to other products Seisuke makes and sells, using a drawing that I drew on paper, scanned, and Seisuke touched up on Illustrator. We love how they turned out and hope people will have fun with the DIY craft project included.

They don't sell 5x7" paper in Japan, so I bought large card stock and we cut out the invitations ourselves (when we made these invitations, it was still very cold in Japan...hence the floral blanket)

Printing 5x7" card stock on a home printer also turned out to be a challenge!
After you cut out the pieces, you can make a 3-D Save the Date!

I think I got a good resemblance, don't you think?

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