Monday, June 3, 2013

House Update #3: Ooh baby I love your WAVES!!

So it’s June, which means we are one month away from being married and have little time to finish wallpapering our house! It has been hard because Seisuke has been very busy with work this year, but hopefully we can at least get half of the house complete before I move in with all my stuff! Luckily, we have lots of storage inside and outside the house, so “stuff” can be moved in later. Bad news is that having lots of space makes it easy to hoard…so I hope we will be able to purge a lot before moving it into the house. I had a few hours on Sunday morning to help wallpaper, so we decided to do the bedroom accent wall. This project takes two people because we decided to use the pattern horizontally instead of vertically. I love how it turned out though! The wavy lines remind me of the ocean, which is why I have my own version of the 70’s classic “Ooh baby I love your way(waves)” stuck in my head every time I look at it!

I am looking forward to doing the rest of the patterned wallpaper in the downstairs rooms, but unfortunately we have tons of white paper to finish first. Hopefully things will go smoothly this month! :)

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